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Our Mission Statement & Governing Board


Marion Harless

Marion says, "Remember that virtually every plant from the smallest sundew and lichen to the largest oak tree have multiple uses for human beings and other beings. The plants, their habitats and co-inhabitants should all be treated with conservation and respect. Be sure to share your home-grown wild and tame plants and your knowledge with others. If you grow herbs only for the money, shame on you."

Nona Conley

Nona was incredibly kind, patient, generous. Her joys included innovative research in closed-loop blue-green algae talapia, the creation of travel trail which included growers, producers and crafts-people, grower of plants and herbs at Wildwyck Herbs, and being a pragmatic organizer. She also used to make the signs for many conferences and was big on giving hugs.

Dot Montgillion      

Born in Oklahoma, dot moved to West Virginia after many years of botanical research at the USDA facility in Bethesda, MD. She was a real botanist and was known to thousands for her huge herbal product displays at events. She constantly and freely shared her knowledge with anyone who asked. Her presence made everyone feel happy, even with her unique sense of humor.

Myra Bonhage Hale

Myra primarily grew lavender and made hydrosols and essential oils on her La Paix Herb Farm near Alum Bridge, WV. She is also an accomplished impressionistic-style painter.

Sue Meyer

Sue holds a MFA in printmaking. She was a keen plants-woman and ran the WVU greenhouses collaborating with faculty and students on plant research and development.

Nicole Molnar

One of Dot's apprentices, she moved to WV from Ohio and became an herbalist and energetic founding member.

Linda Cristen

Linda was an especially wonderful human being, gentle, and very one with nature. Butterflies would land on her and stay.

Nicole Gauthier-Schatz

Originally from Quebec, Canada she currently teaches yoga & mindful meditation through the WVU Medicine Wellness Program and enthusiastically helped to start the WVHA.

Founder Quotes

Observe and learn from everything. Smile and laugh a lot. Sing, whistle and dance if you wish.

~ Marion Harless, Herbarist

Such a beautiful day, outside!
May 14, 2011

~ Dot Montgillion, Herbalist

Don't tell me it's a weed - a weed is something you don't know the use for yet...

Myra Bonhage-Hale, March 11, 2016 post

WVHA was founded by 8 women in 1992 and has continued to serve the herbal communities of West Virginia.

Our Mission Statement: West Virginia Herb Association is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit, educational organization whose mission is to promote the ethical and environmentally sound propagation, cultivation, harvest and use of herbs in West Virginia. The WVHA provides a forum for those interested in herbs by creating opportunities for members to get to know one another, to network, share knowledge and experience, and build community. We are a diverse network of people with a wide range of knowledge across many regional states. Our primary focus areas are: herb cultivation, medicinal herbs, culinary herbs and herbal crafts

Today we are working to live up to our founders mission while staying close to the beauty of the earth and adjusting to the digital nature of communication. Until just the last few years the association primarily worked by telephone and mail, only recently adopting email and social media. To this day we believe in the human connection to each other and the communities in which we live. Many of our members still live off-grid or in areas where cell reception is inaccessible. (the below links do not work yet, but will soon)

Board of Directors...

Our board of directors is nominated and serves in two year terms. Currently the board



Eve Von Deck
Eve is a Certified Herbologist who has beenin practicefor 33years also a, Master Gardener and Master Naturalist.


Vice President

Sierra Cox
A Navy veteran who owns a farm in Roane County and the Veterans & Heroes to Agriculture Program Manager.



Theresa Gain
Theresa is an RN MSN; VA retired nurse and she has worked in clinical practice utilizing holistic methodologies.



Jennifer Geib
Jennifer Geib is a graphic designer, artist, gardener and herbarist. She create gardens that provide food for all creatures great and small.


Member at Large

James McCormick
James is a retired soldier turned naturalist and humanitarian trying to make a difference. He currently manages a nonprofit that teaches small and organic farming techniques to veterans through Raising Cane Farms.


Member at Large

Joan Beard
Retired developmental psychologist and occupational therapist who enjoys lecturing about current research findings on efficacy of wild edible and medicinal plants.


Member at Large

Christina Adams
Christina has been beekeeping for over 5 years and started beekeeping to benefit her family’s health and now runs Fayes Sweet Addiction Apiary (veteran owned small business).