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Upcoming West Virginia Herb Society Events

Event Dates

  • Spring Gathering, May 11 or 18, 2024
  • Fall Conference, Oct 19, 2024

Fall Conference Highlights

Seed & Plant Exchange, discussion group.

Informational lectures, local knowledgeable herbalists and plants people.

Joyful gatherings for young and old, sharing the spirit of plants.


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WVHA has two in-person events per year -- a Spring Gathering and Fall Conference. Spring is a smaller gathering with 4-5 classes and Fall is a larger event with a key-note speaker and 6-9 classes. Other events may be held in between and will be announced to current members by email, posted to Facebook and here. Please become a member should you wish to get early announcements of events. TO REGISTER CLICK HERE.

Fall Conference, September 23, 2023 

Here is a review of our Spring Gathering, see below for Fall Conference description and speakers.

Fall Conference ~ Our Native Roots

Growing, Using and Sharing Herbs & Native Plants featuring GINGER

September 23, 2023 WVU Jackson's Mill Conference Center
160 Jackson Mill Rd, Weston, WV 26452
Registration starts at 9:00 am, Conference begins promptly at 10:00 am
Cost: $25 non-members, WVHA Members $20 ($5 discount), CASH ONLY AT DOOR
Registration begins September 15th 

Children 12 or under free with paid adult
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Using Traditional Herbs in Our Modern World
Learn about how medicinal plants have a place in our modern medical systems and how they can impact current health concerns. We'll discuss how to incorporate them into our daily lives with a common sense approach.


The full day is broken into two morning sessions and two afternoon sessions from which you can choose a speaker in each session, by attending 4 classes. The Keynote, as well as lunch with a cooking contest and herbal sharing session, are attended by all. For members, there is a short annual meeting and vote. Non members may attend this meeting, but they cannot comment nor vote. You may join the WVHA on-site to participate fully.

Additional Presenters and Lecture Descriptions

Eve Von Deck, CH, WVMN, current WVHA President
Harvesting and Processing Medicinal Roots, a Free Make and Take

Attendees will listen to a short informational talk on harvesting, processing and the useful application of medicinal roots. The class will be given “hands-on” instruction in making their own tincture, infusion, salve or poultice for free take away, with hopes that they will pass this knowledge to others.. Eve is a partially retired teaching artist and Certified Herbologist and owner of Great Spirit Herbs.

David Hawkins
Understanding Collagen and It's Role in Our Bodies

We will explore the many types of body collagen and what makes this important component of our body so important for good health. We will discuss many nutrients and botanicals that can have an influence on our body structure. David was a former president of WVHA. He has been a practicing herbalist for 40 years and developed his own line of products named Earthworks. You can catch Dave every Wednesday morning on his radio talk show, Highway to Health, on WVNT 1230 AM/103.5 FM or streaming live He also conducts the Healthy Living Series, a free education program promoting holistic health and wellness concepts.

Joan Beard, M.A., and WVHA Member at Large
Research Update on Medicinal Uses of Wild Edible Herbs

The focus of this presentation will be on updated current research on medicinal uses of wild edible herbs. It will include plant parts used, mechanisms of action, possible herb-drug interaction, and findings on some foods as well. You will learn about current research on efficacy, appreciate the importance of mechanisms of action and any precautions, and understand the potential of herbs to help maintain your health. Joan is a retired occupational therapist with a master’s degree in developmental psychology. She has presented research papers in both fields. She is currently serving on the board of the WVHA as a member at large.

Ed Boer, PhD
Converting Your Yard or Field to Forest

Allowing for the wilding of your backyard or field can yield interesting results. This talk will show you how easy you can convert your property into productive wildflowers, shrubs and trees, while making a home for beneficial insects, herbs and wildlife. You will also learn about some plants, shrubs and trees, that you can use, relevant to your own land. Instead of a monoculture, natural biodiversity can create a future with a healthy, self-sustaining food supply and income stream. Ed went to College at Utrecht and Leyden Universities in the Netherlands, where he studied Biology and Anthropology. He lived and did field work with indigenous peoples in Spain, Ecuador and Mexico. He graduated as a Medical Anthropologist with a PhD. From UNC and is a NC Master Wild lifer.

Bill Bryan, Agronomist, retired
Discover the Science and Art of Soil for Growing Plants

Plants have been growing for millennia without human intervention and will continue to do so. Knowing some of the science underlying how soil and plants interact makes life more interesting, satisfying and productive. Perhaps, even more illuminating is what I am calling the Art of soil. This is the experience built up by trial and error while growing plants. I will uncover some of the main aspects of soil science. For example, what nutrients do plants need from the soil and how do they find them? I will talk about how to apply simple science to the art of growing plants.Bill is a retired Agronomist, one who studies soil, from West Virginia University. During his active years he conducted experiments in pasture management and organic crop production, and taught classes in these areas as well. Much of what he knows about soil and plants has come from experience: trial and error.

Rebecca Linger, PhD
Potential Toxicity When Using Medicinal Herbs

Many of the plants that grow around us have been used for centuries as medicines to treat a variety of ailments, from throat irritation, skin problems, urinary stones, and gastrointestinal upset. As is true with many substances, what is medicinally valid at one dose may be poisonous at a higher concentration. This talk will present some of the more common medicinals used in Appalachia and discuss the harmful side effects they can impart when used injudiciously. Dr. Linger is a Professor at the University of Charleston School of Pharmacy. She is a Medicinal Chemist who has research interests in the ethnobotany of Appalachian plants. She is a well-known regional speaker on edible and medicinal plants. Dr. Linger has published 14 peer-reviewed articles on topics related to medicinal chemistry and has given talks on medicinal and edible plants throughout West Virginia for the past 15 years.

Aine Slabaugh of In the Nook Farm, Burnsville, WV
Ginger Hydrosol Demonstration

In celebration of the herb of the year, Ms. Slabaugh will be demonstrating the process for creating a hydrosol from ginger root to create a uniquely spicy hydrosol utilizing a copper alembic still. Participants will learn about steam distillation and many uses of hydrosols. Samples of hydrosol will be available for smelling, including different varieties of lavender, old fashioned garden roses and herbs. Aine is a juried artist, foodie, photographer, shepherdess, writer and lover of plants. Aine earned an Associates Degree, is a business owner and has served as an Extension Master Gardener volunteer since 1999, and has had a lifetime of gardening influenced by grandmothers with herb gardens and early memories of grazing.

Elizabeth Rowen, PhD, Entomology Professor, WVU
Companion Planting with Herbs for Beneficial Insects

Folks are getting excited about companion planting with herbs and other crops to improve soil and pest management of insects and weeds. Here, we will explore the evidence for companion planting and what combinations of plants may be beneficial for managing your garden’s pollinators and pests. Elizabeth is an Assistant Professor of Entomology at West Virginia University, specializing in insect agro-ecology. Her lab has projects looking at the insect ecology of manure, specifically as a fertilizer in organic corn, soy, and wheat, and investigating the dung beetles of WV. She is also interested in using cover crops in pest management.

Barbara Volk, Herbalist, of Spotted Horse Farm
Creating a Medicine Bag, a Make & Take

In this very special class you will hand-make a leather medicine bag. Medicine bags have been an important aspect of human spiritual life for as long as we have existed. Take a journey with me to create your own personal medicine bag. Feel free to bring small items or tokens that have meaning to you that you can add to your pouch. Barbara has been a maker of things since childhood. She is an artist at heart. She attended the Maryland Institute College of art where fiber and drawing were her main focus. Always curious, Barbara has explored many different processes and techniques in her artwork and in her life. She is an artist, forest and weed farmer, herbalist, equine podiatrist and teacher of many things. She is passionate about everything that she does and passionate about sharing her knowledge with others.

James L. McCormick, Raising Cane Farms Ministry, Inc., Retired US Army
Veterans & Families in Agriculture Healing Hearts and Lands
The presentation will focus on the historical and current benefits of agriculture as it relates to veterans and their families. We shall also show the significant benefits to local food and herb resources through these functional programs by promoting the small farms concepts as well as the benefits of more robust and dependable local farmers markets. We shall also demonstrate the added benefits of promoting a natural soil and water conservation program through veterans’ effort that will aid in the current contamination crisis we are seeing around America. Adding hyperaccumulitive plants that are maintained offers a tremendous added benefit to cleansing of the soil and water. Veterans and Families in Agriculture can heal hearts and lands. James is a retired US Army office with 22 years of service earning a Silver Star, Bronze Star with V and multiple Purple Hearts for Freedom. He is the first West Virginian to every hold the office of the National Commander of the Military Order of the Purple Heart. He was honored for over 14 years of service assisting veterans and families to transits to post-military life. Several years ago he successfully wrote and advocated for the Nation’s first Veterans to Agriculture program in West Virginia. He holds a BA in Liberal Arts from History-Thomas Collage, an RBA from WV State College, completed Aviation and Commercial Piolet programs, and he holds the degree of Director of Divinity and Counseling from Victory Bible Collage, but most of all he is proud to be a father of 8 and grandfather of 12!

Ed & Carole Daniels, Shady Grove Botanicals
Forest Farming and Sustainable Harvesting
Ed Daniels will share his knowledge and experiences growing at-risk medicinal plants, such as American ginseng, goldenseal, black/blue cohosh, ramps, etc. He will also teach his methods of sustainable harvesting of these plants, promote conservation through cultivation, and encourage others to harvest ethically to ensure the future of these forest botanicals for future generations. Ed and Carole Daniels are forest and market farmers in the heart of the Appalachian mountains. Both born and raised in West Virginia, they began planting wild harvested American ginseng on their farm in the mid-1990's. They have incorporated other forest medicinals, like goldenseal, ramps, and black cohosh, and continue adding other native plants to their properties.

Joan Beard, M.A. & Sierra Cox, VP WVHA, Herbs for WVDA, Veterans & Heroes
Networking/Sharing Session. Focus Topic: Growing and Using Medicinal Herbs
Bring your knowledge and questions about organic gardening methods and herbal medicinal plant uses. What are your go-to herbs and favorite remedies? Sit and talk, share, and enjoy each other's company during this networking time with other herbalists and plant lovers.

Roy Ramey, Army Veteran, The Minuteman Farmer, of Avalon Farms, Lesage, WV
Wild Edible and Medicinal Herbs, Discussion and Identification Walk
Roy will lead a discussion on common wild herbs found in West Virginia which can be used for both food and medicine,. Learn how to identify, harvest and use these plants. A plant identification walk is also included as part of the presentation. Roy is a proud husband and father, small farmer in Cabell County, WV, and retired Army officer with 33 years of service.  He grew up farming until he went to college, then had almost a 20 year break before buying his own farm 15 years ago where they practice regenerative livestock and forest farming as well as agro-education.  He believes our Creator has given us most of the things we need to eat, mend and stay healthy and as such he has been on a long study of those things in nature all around us.  Initially he learned a lot about these plants as a Boy Scout then later as a Scoutmaster.  In recent years, he learned a tremendous amount from an herbalist neighbor who was also an Army medic during Vietnam.  From his inspiration, Roy went on to teach this knowledge to others through annual forage hikes on their farm and with communities such as home schoolers, forest farmers and others who have such an interest. 

Mark Jacobs of Smoke Camp Crafts
Tree Identification and Their Uses
Participants will learn the unique characteristics of at least 12 tree and shrub species. With this knowledge they will be able to identify these trees easily in the future when they see them. We will also discuss the useful properties of trees and shrubs. Mark studied dendrology, the science and study of woody plants which included trees, shrubs, and lianas, learing their taxonomic classifications in college. For the next 20 years he continued learning and then teaching about trees in a variety of forests across the United States.

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Smoke Camp Crafts
The Smoke Camp Crafts outpost farm stand is open seven days a week during daylight hours. Over 50 varieties of herbs are available for purchase. The farm stand operates on the honesty system, so please bring exact change. Jams and Jellies, dried herbs, herbal teas, tisanes and culinary blends are available on our website or through the Turnrow Farm Collective.

Arcadia Studios
will be displaying Tie Dye Clothing, Unique Vintage Jewelry Re-imagined, Shawls, Scarves, Tunics and more... Most of my designs are One of A Kind, or One of a Series, each slightly different. I use new and vintage parts, upcycled or recycled, so most items cannot be duplicated. I try to have something for everyone, plain or fancy. Handmade in West Virginia.

Shady Grove Botanicals
Shady Grove Botanicals is our small, family business offering ethically wild-crafted wild native Appalachian ginseng and select forest botanicals, along with organically grown industrial hemp and vegetables. We offer a variety of herbal products to suit your needs including native Appalachian Ginseng roots, leaves and rootlets, to Goldenseal, Ramps, and other non-timber forest products (NTFP).

In the Nook Farm, Burnsville, WV
Hydrosols, dried lavender products (sachets, lavender wands), dried tea blends, crafts (garden signs, baskets, ornaments, other), plants and seeds. Posts are found on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, website is In the Nook Farm, Etsy shop called Nookamajigs and Ebay store Misha's Potpourri. The self serve farm stand is open seasonally in Burnsville and our products are in select West Virginia shops.

Spotted Horse Farm & Herbalists Without Boarders
Barbara Volk brings us herbal remedies, consultations, flute meditations and plant conversations, kids activities.

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