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Upcoming West Virginia Herb Society Events

Event Dates

  • October 15, 2022
  • Spring 2023

Fall Conference Highlights

30th Year Anniversary Celebration

Seed & Children's table!

Informational lectures, local knowledgeable herbalists and plants people.

Joyful gatherings for young and old, sharing the spirit of plants.

WVHA has two in-person events per year -- a Spring Gathering and Fall Conference. Spring is a smaller gathering with 4-5 classes and Fall is a larger event with a key-note speaker and 6-9 classes. Other events may be held in between and will be announced to current members by email, posted to Facebook and here. Please become a member should you wish to get early announcements of events.

October 15, 2022

Fall Conference and 30th Anniversary Celebration with
keynote speaker Susun Weed

October 15, 2022 WVU Jackson's Mill Conference Center, 160 Jackson Mill Rd, Weston, WV 26452
Registration starts at 9:00 am, Conference begins promptly at 10:00 am
Cost: $25 non-members, WVHA Members $20 ($5 discount), CASH ONLY AT DOOR
Registration begins September 15th 

Children 12 or under free with paid adult
Register and pay at event email:
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Abundantly Well: Seven Medicines The Complementary Integrated Medicine Revolution. Learn about the seven medicines which encompass options for optimal health through the Wise Woman Way, from serenity medicine to pharmaceutical medicine.

Additional Local WV Presenters

Eve Von Deck, WVUMG&M, CH
Prediabetes and Diabetes: Prevention and Herbal Maintenance for a Healthy Lifestyle

This class will cover how to avoid and possibly reverse prediabetes using herbs, short fasts and simple diets. We will also discuss the latest research on diabetic conditions including: traditional uses of medicinal herbs (some wild and native), efficacy, contraindications and precautions for herbs in recent diabetic studies and methods of avoiding and possibly reversing type 2 diabetes. Eve is a partially retired teaching artist and Certified Herbologist, owner of Great Spirit Herbs and former president of WVHA.

David Hawkins
Help for Your Immunity with Anti-viral Plants

As we face many new challenges that affect our wellbeing; our immunity becomes a primary focus.
Learn about our plant kingdoms power to balance, modulate, and protect us. David was a former president of WVHA. He has been a practicing herbalist for 40 years and developed his own line of products named Earthworks. You can catch Dave every Wednesday morning on his radio talk show, Highway to Health, on WVNT 1230 AM/103.5 FM or streaming live He also conducts the Healthy Living Series, a free education program promoting holistic health and wellness concepts.

Joan Beard, M.A.
Research Support for Efficacy of Medicinal Plants in Common Conditions of Aging

I will discuss current research findings on the efficacy of medicinal plants for various common conditions of aging -- such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, etc. This will include information on plant parts used, mechanisms of action, search methods, and precautions such as interactions with medications. Objectives: 1) Will learn search methods and current research findings on efficacy. 2) Will be able to relate plant parts used and results from some studies. 3) Will appreciate the importance of mechanisms of action and possible herb-drug interactions. Joan is currently serving on the board of the WVHA as a member at large.

Melissa Dennison
Mosaic Crafting with Broken pottery and ceramics

Take old pottery and ceramic pieces and use them to make a new creation. Supplies will be provided but you can bring your own broken pots, plates, dishes and ceramic to add to your creation. Hands-on workshop.

Bette Angle (O'Steen)
Making Herbal Medicine & Wild Food Foraging

Learn to make salves, tinctures, balms and syrups for life's trials and learn how to identify the plants you need to use and eat in your yard. Bette is a Master Gardener and herbalist for over 15 years. She wrote a newspaper column for the Nicholas Chronicle called Bette's Beds (a gardening column) for 12 years. She also taught the hard-of-hearing and was a wilderness survivor instructor.

Sierra Cox
Herbs for WVDA Veterans & Heroes

Sierra will discuss the Veterans and Herbs program under the umbrella of the West Virginia Department of Agricultural (business development division). She will share the possibilities and opportunities for not only veterans but also former law enforcement, firefighters and EMS in various aspects of agriculture in West Virginia. A Parkersburg, West Virginia native, Sierra graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 2010 and was commissioned as a Surface Warfare Officer. She served at Naval Station San Diego aboard USS BOXER (LHD-4) and USS McCLUSKY (FFG-41) completing a 2011 Western Pacific deployment and a 2014 Counter-Illicit Trafficking deployment.

Christina Adams
The Best Herbs for Honeybees

Learn which West Virginia native plants and herbs that honeybees like the best. Most are easy to grow and all will support both hive honeybees and other native bees and pollinators. Knowing which plants to plant in your yard will ensure the survival of all our pollinators. Christina is a beekeeper and will be sharing her knowledge and love of bees.

Eugene Breza
Making Colloidal Silver and Its Various Uses

Find out how to make a lifetime supply of Colloidal Silver for under $50. Explore the many potential applications for external and/or internal treatment for human and animals alike along with spraying plants to bolster their immunities to disease. Colloidal silver kills every single celled organism there is; bacterial, fungal and viral, while leaving multi-celled organisms and organs intact and healthy A 2020 report from Japanese scientists prove it works on COVID 19 and I'm sure it will work on COVID 33.

Ed Daniels
Medicinal Plant Propagation
Ed will be demonstrating and discussing ways that we plant, propagate and harvest at-risk forest medicinals. He hopes that participants will gain knowledge and have an interest in forest farming to help ensure the future of these at-risk plants.

Discussion Panel
What we learned from the Comfrey Conference
Several members and Susun Weed will discuss the May 2022 Comfrey Conference. Active discussion with participants.


Smoke Camp Crafts
The Smoke Camp Crafts outpost farm stand is open seven days a week during daylight hours. Over 50 varieties of herbs are available for purchase. The farm stand operates on the honesty system, so please bring exact change. Jams and Jellies, dried herbs, herbal teas, tisanes and culinary blends are available on our website or through the Turnrow Farm Collective.

Arcadia Studios
will be displaying Tie Dye Clothing, Unique Vintage Jewelry Re-imagined, Shawls, Scarves, Tunics and more... Most of my designs are One of A Kind, or One of a Series, each slightly different. I use new and vintage parts, upcycled or recycled, so most items cannot be duplicated. I try to have something for everyone, plain or fancy. Handmade in West Virginia.

Shady Grove Botanicals
Shady Grove Botanicals is our small, family business offering ethically wild-crafted wild native Appalachian ginseng and select forest botanicals, along with organically grown industrial hemp and vegetables. We offer a variety of herbal products to suit your needs including native Appalachian Ginseng roots, leaves and rootlets, to Goldenseal, Ramps, and other non-timber forest products (NTFP).

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